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MOLD! Know The Law Know The Facts!

Why do I need an independent Florida Licensed Mold Assessor? In the state of Florida it is the law that anyone conducting a mold or related inspection service be licensed by the state of Florida as a mold Assessor. It is also law that and one individual or business shall not conduct assessments and remediation on the same property or project. These statutes were a effort to protect the consumer from conflict of interest from out or state and instate mold remediation companies and insurance carriers. It is important to have a independent 3rd party to conduct your inspection and produce a sound representative remediation protocol.

It is also your choice who inspects your property or project and no one else's. Having your own assessor represent your interests is the most important first step in approaching your water and mold damage. Are you a builder or general contractor? Homeowners are not the only ones taken advantage of during storms or water/mold related damage remediation and reconstruction. It's important you are represented to thoroughly identify and remediate sources of mold and water damage. Follow the link for more information on the Florida mold laws.

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