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Can Bleach Kill Mold?

Can bleach kill Mold? Short answer YES. Long answer yes and no. There is a lot of talk from contractors and some inspection companies that bleach can not or will not kill mold. This is simply an inaccurate statement and typically used to market their methods or products. Mold spores contains a mycotoxin used to compete with other species of mold and is arguably the cause of the allergic reactions many have to the organism. Bleach may actually and does kill the mold (fungi) organism but it may not break down the mycotoxin that the fungi organism spore contains.

Some chemical companies have created specified chemical cleaners that not only kill the organism but also chemically destrys the mycotoxin. These products sometimes can be expensive and may also not be approved for use according to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

Remember no chemical of extraordinary claim of mold free processes will replace the practical methods and industry standards of physical removal. Here is a good source to start understanding the cleaning and remediation methods for mold.

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